How it all began…

Hello everyone 🙂

In the beginning… PART 1

4ish years ago, my wonderful new man and I decided to ‘leave it up to Mother Nature’ in regards to having a baby and I came off the pill. We hadn’t been together long, but both knew we wanted a family together and at 34 I wasn’t getting any younger. 6 months later however, I began to be surprised as no pregnancy had appeared.

So, off to the Docs we go to see what she could tell us. If you’re over 35, then don’t wait longer than 6 months…go see your Doctor as soon as possible, under 35 and they say to see them after a year of trying unsuccessfully. 35 seems to be the crucial age when our womanly-ness stuff starts to wind down, so time is of the essence! My Doctor is fab, very easy to talk to and was very helpful with our situation. She went through all the obvious health questions (do you smoke, how much do you drink, how long have you been trying, are you a heroin addict etc..) and then booked me in for some blood tests…and more blood tests….until you end up feeling like a pin cushion 🙂

The blood tests show if you are ovulating (pretty crucial part of getting pregnant methinks) and the blood is taken on day 21 of your cycle, after you’ve ovulated.

TIP: START CHARTING YOUR CYCLES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I have an i-Phone app and have found it invaluable as whoever you go to see they will ALWAYS ask dates of your period.

My blood tests showed that yes, I am indeed ovulating. Hurrah! The infertility journey has oodles of reasons why you are not getting pregnant, and each one we ticked off was always a smile day. Trouble is, you then realise that you’re not any closer to fixing the problem as you still don’t know what it is!! A tad frustrating at times.

So my Doctor next sent my hubby off to have his sperm tested. And yes, again, his sperm appeared to be benefitting from his trips to the gym and healthy eating, and were up and ready for a head-on collision with an egg. Just wasn’t happening. My Doctor then referred us to a Consultant at our local hospital.

We saw the Consultant and he asked all the same questions as my Doc including…wait for it….’are you having sex?’. I held back on the temptation to say ‘Oh! So that’s were we’re going wrong!’ and just smiled a ‘Yes thanks’ instead.

ALERT: CLOMID IS GIVEN OUT TOO EASILY AND QUICKLY (in my opinion). Clomid is a drug that increases the amount of follicles, and thereby eggs, that the woman makes each month, in order to ‘up’ the chances of getting pregnant. Think of it like target shooting; use a gun that fires one bullet at a time and try to hit the bullseye, or use a machine gun and take out the entire target area! At least that’s the theory. If you have, however, another as yet undiscovered fertility problem, then it doesn’t matter how many eggs you create…it still won’t happen.

The Consultant prescribed this to me for a 6 month duration to ‘see what happens’. He did not carry out any further tests. Unfortunately, I found out that clomid and I do not mix…oh no…not at all. PMT for me is usually bad, but clomid made me emotionally unstable, paranoid and an all round nut job! My poor daughter and husband didn’t enjoy it much either. So I took myself of it before I committed murder, and went back to see my Doc to give her an update.

PART 2 coming soon….

Take care everyone xxx


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