Be positive – there’s Christmas magic in the air!

Right my last post was a tad depressing, but to be clear, I just want others going through the same as me to know they’re not alone with having ‘one of those days’. I’m not always so sad, in fact I am rather good at reaching for the positive things, recognising the good stuff and wearing a genuine smile 🙂

So today I’m going to list all the great, positive things that go through my mind, the other flip of the coin if you will;

  • This year we had a successful pregnancy! We actually got pregnant!! This is amazing! Miscarriage is SOOOOOO common that I can’t let it hold me back, and the chances of it happening again are actually quite slim. But I have proved that we can get pregnant!
  • Next year we have 4 frozen embryos to try again with. 4!!!!! That’s actually a great number, so we’re off to a good start already.
  • Through all the pain that the miscarriage put us all through (including my poor 15-year-old daughter who had already began writing a diary to her sibling), we have actually learnt a lot emotionally, pulled together as a family more, seen the bigger picture of life and found a deeper level of love for each other. We recognise that the situation could have been far, far worse and that we are lucky to be able to try again.
  • My daughter is amazing and I love her and her maturity, her intelligence, her emotional capacity and, by golly, she loves me to bits too 🙂 Her support is unconditional, she is becoming my friend who holds my hand and knows when I need a cuddle. I have never leant on her, nor asked her to be more grown up throughout this journey, it has come naturally to her.
  • My husband is the luckiest man on the planet because I am utterly terrific and… only kidding! HE is terrific and I am the luckiest woman. I have never in my entire life been loved so perfectly, and on so many levels. The first reason he wants our baby is because he wants to look after me when I’m pregnant. It’s about me as much as our child, and that’s just beautiful. It’s about us becoming a family.
  • I have discovered so many friends and colleagues who are going through, or have been through, a similar assisted conception journey. I have spoken to other friends about to embark on it and been able to give them some great tips and advice already. In fact this helped push me to write the blog in the first place. A friend of mine once told me that her doctor was going to give her a ‘pill’ that would increase her egg quality…’NOOOOOOOOO’ I screeched, this is complete twaddle!
    Get some proper tests done, I plead with her, change your diet, take supplements, do some research, stop smoking ..etc… BUT DO NOT JUST POP A PILL. I assumed the pill was clomid which does NOT increase egg quality, it just makes you release more eggs. That conversation was paramount to me wanting to help others and pass on my experiences.
  • It’s nearly Christmas and that means there’s magic in the air. Proper magic. Which means to all of you out there who are trying to conceive…I’m sending you some extra Christmas magic. It might not work immediately, but ….. you never know ….. there’s always a chance….. right? 🙂

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