Christmas Eve wishes to all Trying To Conceive (and lose the stress)

IVF Part 3 will have to wait as it’s Christmas Eve and I feel I must quite simply be positive and happy today 🙂

I just wanted to pass on my love to all of you out there trying to create your families and wading through the obstacles that Mother Nature has put before you. I genuinely believe that our state of minds is vitally important and that we should be happy from the inside to help with any assisted conception ahead of us. Stress is the enemy and I know this more than most as it’s something I suffer physically from, often feeling shakey and hot when stress grabs me, or losing the ability to speak even when full panic takes hold. But I know this isn’t good for fertility, and I accept it’s really hard to ‘relax’ when you’re going through something so intense. What I’ve found works for me, and what I’d like to pass on to anyone who needs to slow down and smile their way through Christmas, is meditation.

Now don’t panic I’m not going to get all spiritual on you, I avoid all meditations that bring god/gods into it, but the ones I listen to are quite simply trying to slow me down and turn off the hyper thought patterns that are an unwanted side effect of life. When I first started, I did feel a bit silly, but I would sit on the floor and stare at the flame flickering on a candle with the lights off. It’s strange how this can work and how much time can pass whilst you’re doing it, but my brain never really ‘stopped’. I couldn’t seem to ’empty my thoughts’ as I knew I was supposed to, so I started looking for some meditations I could watch or listen to and learn from. I though I’d give it a proper go basically.

I have an iPhone and would search for free apps on meditation. I still have many that I re-use but I also deleted loads as it’s a personal thing and sometimes I just didn’t like the voice or it was too short/long or became too religious based. I still listen to them when I’m in the bath or when I go to bed early, and I can honestly say that after a few weeks I really noticed a difference in my character. I can also tell when I stop doing it as my anxiety starts creeping back. I’m hesitant to recommend any one particular site, as like I say, it’s a personal preference plus it’s good to find out what doesn’t work for you so I would just recommend that you give it a try and start searching. It will also compliment accupuncture if you’re trying that too.

So anyway, it’s Christmas Eve and love and magic are in the air! I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and let’s hope we all get what we wish for next year. Keep smiling xxx


5 responses to this post.

  1. You are right about having to leave stress out of the equation as much as possible. I practice yoga and it has been wonderful for me! Merry Christmas and I hope your stress is banished!


  2. Hi Jenna,
    You’re quite right about yoga, I’ve tried that recently too. I’ve been too lazy to do it often enough, but will throw myself into it in the new year. Take care and have a lovely Christmas 🙂
    Jodie x


  3. Thank you for this post. Stress is something I try to fight off on a daily basis. I am much better since I finished college, but it is still something I work on. I just started yoga and loveee it. My question for you is: could you recommend a specific app or two for meditation? It is not something I really have done before and I am not a religious person either, but I love the idea. Thanks!


    • Hiya! I always find it reassuring when I’m reminded that I’m not alone with my anxieties and stress 🙂
      I have used (and reuse) Meditation Oasis and Chakra Meditation podcasts. Just found whilst doing a free search on meditation on my iPhone so neither cost anything.
      Thanks and good luck on your journey x


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