Preparing to go tea-total for fertility

Tomorrow is the last day of our holiday and we return home to resume normal life (oh the joy). We have also resolved to give up drinking alcohol completely until after our next (and last) attempt at IVF in March/April. In the past our clinic advised me to just ‘go easy’ on the booze but there was no need to give it up completely. I don’t think this is bad advice to be honest, everything is fine in moderation, and the ‘demon’ drink does have some benefits too. No really, I’m sure it does. No really, it was written somewhere..I’m sure I read it somewhere..

Anyway, it’s no surprise that recent studies have  shown that alcohol can reduce our fertility by as much as 50% if you drink more than 2 glasses of wine a week (other sites/books claim slightly different statistics but that’s a fair average). This might be fine if you’re under 30 and not wanting to get pregnant in the first place, but if you’ve been trying for what seems like FOREVER and are paying for medical help in getting pregnant then you might take a second look at the findings. As I’ve mentioned before I do like to have a drink, although my binge drinking days are behind me now, and so giving alcohol up completely isn’t a walk in the park for me. This is not something I’m proud of, but I have to be honest with myself if I’m to make changes. I tend to get very, very angry (about my infertility) and turn it inwards on myself, then have an ‘I don’t care’ attitude and reach for a glass of something. This is what I have to change.

My hubby is giving up the booze to support me, he does not really need to do if from the fertility aspect as he does not have a problem (and he isn’t a heavy drinker in the first place). He will be my rock (as always) and be a wonderful nag and inspiration when I’m struggling I’m sure 🙂

So wish me luck x


2 responses to this post.

  1. Good for you! Lots of luck!


  2. Thanks Jenna x


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