My fertility plan 2012

Some of these things I have been doing for ages and some I started today;

  • no more booze at all!
  • decaffeinated tea or coffee (and avoiding fizzy drinks)
  • drinking more water
  • taking my supplements daily;
    – l-arginine
    – Royal Jelly
    – Conception Support tablets (including Folic Acid amongst other things)
    – Maca (in a small smoothie)
    – Wheatgrass (in the same small smoothie)
  • Eating super healthy and taking more control over my meals (my hubby does 90% of the cooking currently)
  • Yoga at least 3 times a week
  • Just Dance 3 at least twice a week  (got it for Christmas, yay!)
  • Meditation every evening (if only for 5 minutes when I go to bed)
  • Walking to work as often as possible (depending on the weather)
  • Trying very, very hard to deal with stress
  • Asking my newly trained massage expert of a hubby to give me a super-duper massage at least once a week
  • Wearing my new fertility goddess pendant as a constant reminder and nudge to me. I’m a big hippy deep down and I love the pagan symbolisms. This necklace represents my fertility and womanhood.
    My new Fertility Necklace

    Now I have typed it all out, it looks like a list of common sense to be honest, but I think I need to be this organised about it all in order to fully dedicate myself. I have been so neurotic over the infertility years and even had moments when I didn’t think I wanted to go through it at all, that I know I must calm down and take things steadily and slowly. Having this list makes it easier to go through I think.

On Monday January 23rd I will be having knee reconstruction surgery which will make me very immobile for up to a month, so the more weight I can get rid of now the better. This is another incentive for me. And I need to recover quickly in order for my body to be as ready as soon as possible for our IVF #4 to commence.

Today has been a good start; I’ve blitzed the house and worked up a sweat, I’ve eaten well and I’m about to have a relaxing bath tonight complete with Lush bath bombs! All good 🙂


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  1. Posted by Amber on January 6, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    I’m loving reading your blog and wish you every bit of luck possible!


  2. Posted by fiercefrugalfashion on January 7, 2012 at 3:23 am

    HI, I’ve just discovered your blog. I also suffer from infertility and have had an ectopic pregnancy. I love your fertility necklace. where did you purchase it? Good luck to you in 2012. I can’t wait to read more! xx


  3. Since you love hippy dippy symbolism….did you know that sea turtles are symbols of motherhood and fertility? I have a necklace with a sea turtle on it that I wear as a reminder for me to keep hope in fertility and motherhood.


    • Posted by fiercefrugalfashion on January 10, 2012 at 1:41 am

      Jenna, where did you read about sea turtles being a symbol of motherhood and fertility? I would love to know more about it!!


      • Hi FierceFrugalFashion!
        I found the following on sea turtles:
        The turtle is a powerful symbol of both fertility and protection. A sea turtle lays anywhere from 50-150 eggs at a time, our hope is that she may bestow her fruitfulness on the wearer (of the necklace)! In Native American culture the turtle represents strength, patience and the power to endure and persevere.
        Legend says that Father Sky’s wife fell through a hole in the sky, and to keep her from drowning, little Muskrat managed to bring up a handful of soil from the bottom of the ocean; she placed it on Turtle’s wide back and the land immediately began to grow, forming North America.
        The Turtle is an Ancient Symbol, Representing Order, Creation, Endurance, Strength, Stability, Longevity, Fertility, and a Gentle Innocence. The Turtle also Offers Protection, Good Fortune , and Can Bring Forth Happiness and Good Omens.
        One of four Chinese sacred animals (among The Dragon, The Phoenix, and The Unicorn), the mythical Turtle is a creature of two elements; land and sea, as such the Turtle reflects an ability to adapt and flourish in any environment.
        In Asian myth the Turtle represents universal order and is thought to have created the universe from it’s body: It’s shell is symbolic of the heavens, it’s body, symbolic of the earth and it’s undershell represents the underworld.
        In American Indian culture, the Turtle represents the wisdom of the ancient ones and is respected for it’s strength and individuality. Those who bear the symbol of the Turtle carry the responsibility of caring for, protecting, and nurturing others

        Hope you find it interesting reading 🙂

  4. Jodie, I loved reading all the other information you found about turtles! Thanks for researching like that. Here’s a post I wrote about seeing sea turtles on my blog:

    After writing the blog article, a friend told me that sea turtles are symbols of motherhood and fertility, which a couple of Google searches confirmed. I never found a sea turtle necklace, but found a silver sea turtle charm at a hobby store and added it to another necklace with lots of other charms on it. So, if you can’t find a fertility necklace in a store or online, make one! =)

    Interestingly, when I saw the sea turtles in Mexico I was overcome with emotions and felt as though I would be okay. On the day of my IUI when I entered the RE’s waiting room, a special about sea turtles was playing on the TV. Coincidence? I don’t think so….


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