So happy for Amanda Holden! Get well soon!

Tragedy can happen to anyone, despite your fame or financial status, and life is indiscriminate when it comes to dealing out bad hands. Amanda Holden isn’t someone who I particularly admired as an actress, and therefore I didn’t follow her career or keep a keen eye on her personal life in the gossip mags. I always found it quite strange that she was married to Les Dennis; what on earth did she see in him? But today we find out that she has had a baby daughter but that this nearly cost both her, and her daughters’ life.

In 2010 Amanda suffered a miscarriage and then later lost a son as he was still born at 7 months pregnant. The strength that it must take to pick yourself up and continue trying for your family is incredible, and I admire anyone who does this. The constant fears that must accompany a subsequent pregnancy must be so hard to deal with, and the pressure on the mum to ‘be positive’ almost impossible to bear.

Britain's Got Talent Amanda Holden

Amanda shortly before giving birth

Maybe being an actress helps in such a situation as you’re trained in faking it, in putting a smile on despite how you feel inside and are used to rebuffing any line of questioning that you do not wish to answer. Or maybe it pushes a human being to the edge, being that exposed when you’re so vulnerable? Either way, I think Amanda has done a stirling job in keeping her private life as private as possible in her situation, and still been in the public eye and even working for as long as she desired.

Some people like to be wrapped up in cotton wool following a baby loss, and some like to return to as much of a normal life as possible, and I’m sure there will be comments as to whether Amanda should have worked as long into the pregnancy as she did. I feel so strongly about this that I’m now going to type in upper case….EVERY WOMAN SHOULD DO WHAT SHE FEELS IS RIGHT AND STUFF OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINION! The last thing any expectant mummy needs is to be judged when she is already trying her hardest to constantly do the right thing. Support is all that the woman needs; support and understanding.

So I’m giving out some good vibes towards Amanda who has clearly been through an awful journey, and I hope that now she can relax with her new family and be happy 🙂 Get well soon x

And of course, more good vibes go to those who are still on a difficult path, still trying to get their babies, still overcoming their losses and still trying to make sense of it all x


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