Donate your umbilical cord and help others, especially if others helped you.

It’s been in the news a bit recently and I’ve been listening attentively, taking it all in and making sure I fully understand it all. I’m talking about stem cell science and how you can now donate your umbilical cord after delivering your own baby. I know over the years there has been controversy over stem cell research and I must admit the idea of potentially healthy embryos being used for something other than making a baby, is why I took my time in finding out all the facts and deciding how I felt about it. I think this is a personal opinion and accompanies the similar  moral issue of abortion for example. I for one, agree with abortion, but wish there was an alternative, so I guess I am the type of person who accepts the reality of situations and their bigger picture, just feels hugely emotional about how sad and difficult life choices can be sometimes. Obviously the moral of that story is try not to have an unwanted pregnancy in the first place, but I digress.

donate umbilical cord

The photo shows the human umbilical matrix stem cells

Back to stem cells…I have learned of the utterly amazing stuff that stem cells can do in regards to all kinds of illness including cancers. It’s amazing! The fact that umbilical cords are normally incinerated after a birth means that this is the ultimate in recycling 🙂 Apparently it’s really easy to donate your cord too, go here to get all the facts :

So why is a blog on infertility posting about the afterbirth? Am I being insensitive? Well, it occurred to me as I was watching Daybreak this morning and listening to a mum and dad so happy because their baby boy is alive due to a marrow bone donator, that this is what life is all about. If you need help, you ask for it, and if you are lucky enough to be given help, then keep the ball rolling and try to help someone else. All of us who are infertile and needing help with achieving our pregnancies could not say our thanks more, than by donating our cords when the time comes. Especially for those like me, who has received donated eggs. I used to donate blood but had to stop due to the fact that we are trying for a baby (they wouldn’t let me), and surely this is the same?

It just seems so obvious and wonderful to be able to do something so simple that can truly make a life or death difference to someone else. Can I ask you all to spread the word? Let all your pregnant friends know, reassure them that they don’t have to do anything differently, just give birth as normal, and at the end instead of the midwife putting the cord in the bin…she’ll put it in a special bag where it will be whisked away to do good! FANTASTIC!


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