I’m 8 days late, but Mother Nature is just messing with me. No fair!

I have a clockwork cycle, even with its own built-in ‘I’m on my way’ alarm system. 3-4 days before my due date (the 28th day) I start spotting and becoming very tearful/moody/aggressive and then ta-da! Even when going through and after IVF cycles my period has been incredibly reliable and positively responsive to any drugs, it is truly ‘a perfect cycle’. Today however, I am 8 days late. This never happens and so I am doing a ‘Jodie’ which means I am over analysing to the max!

On Monday the 23rd January I went in for my knee surgery, but I also started spotting on this day too. I thought ‘oh fab, not only will I have to deal with my incapacitated knee but now I will have to deal with my heavy period too!’ I was due on on Thursday, but nothing happened. Since then I have been feeling incredibly sick, my boobs have been really sore and have had absolutely no further spotting. The first thing I did was to look into whether surgery/anaesthetic can interfere with a menstrual cycle and it can. Some women report a total loss of a period whilst others were only a couple of days late, the medical advice was that if you were later than 10 days you should see your GP. I’m seeing my GP next Tuesday anyway so if needs be I can talk to her about it then, providing Auntie Flo hasn’t made an arrival of course. The nausea is most probably a reaction to the drugs I’ve been taking for my knee. My boobie pain is probably because I was supposed to be having my cycle and so I’m just a bit out of sorts at the moment. Right? This is my logical, sensible explanation for what is going on, BUT if you knew me you’d know that I can be a neurotic bundle of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ with a huge helping of paranoia and so this is what has also been going through my head…..

There is a miniscule possibility, and I mean so small that the word miracle doesn’t even cover it, that I could be pregnant. That somehow having surgery and being monitored has helped my body to hang on to a fertilised egg, whereas normally it fails to (one of my theories as to why I can’t get pregnant is that my body can’t keep hold of a fertilised egg). Whilst the thought that I could be pregnant should be a fantastic one, it fills me fear and more questions. You see if I am pregnant then i have just undergone anaesthetic and taken strong pain killers which pretty much all state ‘do not take if pregnant’. If I am pregnant….I may have just damaged my baby from day 1!!!

After everything I’ve been through, I don’t deserve this, Mother Nature needs to give me a break and maybe even deal me a good hand for once. So I am actually in the strange situation where I am wishing my period to arrive, to put me out of this neurotic train of thought that is so incredibly unlikely.  But tomorrow….I may just do a pregnancy test….just to rule it out. 😉


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  1. I am in awe that you haven’t already tested.. Wow good luck hope it is a bfp and not a blip! X


    • I think I shall always be hesitent to do a test as I’d rather be blissfully ignorant for as long as possible. Ideally I’d rather find out when I’m 3 months gone and everything is ok, just so I’m passed the miscarriage stage. I guess that’s just cos it went wrong last time tho. I still feel so sick tho and it’s beginning to annoy me so hubby is getting a test today. Not really thinking it will be positive, just to rule it out so I can shove anti-sickness pills down my neck 🙂


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