Be positive – your feelings are all that you really have

I often tell my 15 year old daughter to try to learn how to control her feelings; to own them and protect them. I’m referring to those times when she is offended by what others have said and she can’t quite shake the sadness that fills her because of those words. I explain that in life, money comes and goes, possessions break and are re-bought, jobs are fulfilled and then taken away and people love you and leave you, but the one thing you truly own in life is how you feel. So if you can change how YOU feel about what happens to you in life…well you just might be able to make yourself one happy existence 🙂

I try to follow my own advice here and when it comes infertility I think this is a perfect example of where we should remind ourselves to be positive in a situation that is actually depressing, heartbreaking and down-right shit at times. All of us are at different stages of infertility, some of us are pregnant, but ALL of us are petrified! We’re petrified of not getting pregnant, of miscarriages, of our own physical failures, of how our babies are developing and of stillbirth. Every stage of infertility is fraught with new stresses and fears, and every day and every week seems like a constant up hill struggle which brings nothing but misery to the woman. This is fact.

Well I want to be controversial and suggest that we change our mindsets! What we are doing is amazing and we should be proud of ourselves everyday, wherever we are on the infertility journey. We are wonderful women (with wonderful men/partners supporting us) because;

  • we are super strong!
  • we are ridiculously determined and will overcome financial, emotional and physical barriers to get what we want!
  • we don’t give up, we keep on trying!
  • we are organised, diligent, hard-working, understanding, empathic and seriously clever!
  • we are all the above (and more) WHILST having a normal life with a job, a home, a relationship and families/social lives too!

So come on ladies cut yourselves some slack. When you next look in the mirror, smile! And think how flipping fantastic you are! You are truly a Goddess on a mission, and wo betide Mother Nature standing in your way! Every day you deserve to feel ok, to feel happy in yourself. Choose to be happier, choose to try to put aside the negative thoughts and accept that sometimes things can go well. I know this is hard but I’m convinced it’s the best thing we can do, for ourselves and our future babies.

Be positive – spread the love – be happy 🙂 (oh dear I am such a hippy, lol)


3 responses to this post.

  1. I agree, our minds are powerful so we need to stay positive for goodness sake!


  2. After my post this evening, this has given me a lot of positivity back. Thank you x


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